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T4A 2416
CCIA Approved
The T4A 2416 is waterproof up to the display and has a water resistant body. This reader is able read and send microchip numbers directly to your android device via Bluetooth.  The length of the RFID reader allows for an increased distance at which microchips can be read. Its design is perfect for reading aggressive dogs, caged animals through the bars, or for use on fish farms.

HHR 3000 Pro
CCIA Approved

The HHR 3000 Pro is designed for on-farm EID applications and combines good reading distance with adequate PDA functionality. Present concepts are based on a wand reader with separate PDA, which makes EID data recording clumsy and cumbersome in the field. The HHR 3000 Pro combines these two functions into one unit and is therefore easy to work with.
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This low frequency RFID Reader for Animal Tracking provides a low cost easy-to-use system for animal identification and management. Displays the tag ID on the screen and stores the data to onboard memory.

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