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Contact Information:
Box 1149, 109 St Andrew St, Mitchell, Ontario, N0K 1N0

Fax 519-348-9519
TOLL FREE 1-877-738-4384

HHR 3000 Free Software Upgrade
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For 64-bit version of windows. Download The following file for the driver package required:
HHR Driver Repairing Tool.zip
Instructions for installing the 64-bit drivers.

Feedlot Software on Tags4All HHR 3000 Pro Scanner:
1. Record and search cattle by Electronic ID (EID), Visual ID (VID) and treatment date.
2. Treatment list included:
i. Penicillin
ii. Oxy LA
iii. Nuflor
iv. A-180
v. Baytril
vi. Draxxin
vii. Excenel RTU
viii. Excede
ix. Predef
x. Banamine
xi. Bovishield
xii. Skipvac
xiii. Yearling
xiv. Backgrounder
xv. Returned
3. This scanner and software allows to you attach a treatment to a cattle’s EID and/or VID, along with the date the treatment was given. You can then download this list to a PC. You can look up treatments on the scanner by EID, VID, Pen, or treatment date.

This software is currently programmed for a feedlot. Software can be adapted to different applications (e.g. cow/calf, swine, sheep, etc.).

Go to desktop icon RETRIEVE HHR DATA choose EDIT HHR APPLICATION You may now edit this list (make sure there are no spaces and all followed by a comma, max 15 on list with max. 11 characters ea) SAVE and send list to reader.

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